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Nepal and India IRC chat for Java (J2me) Phones

Mobile Chat for India chat and Nepal chat

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I suggest you to download Utairc or mtvirc from or click the links below to download to your pc or mobile.

Download MTVIRC.jar

Download UTAirc.jar (recomended)

After you download and install the application in your mobile, Go to your Games and Applications.

   Tutorial / Instructions.   


Now, You have to use SSL / TSL port: 6697 for Chatsansar IRC for secure connection. So Tick, the SSL / TLS encryption if your app has the option.


Open your application, lets say UTAirc

Go to Menu >> Profiles >> Add.


Profile: chatsansar ( This is your profile name, can be anything)

Nick: Gopal ( Put your chat nickname / username )

Alternate nick: Gopal2 ( Incase, your nick is already used )

Server: ( Recommended, the servername should be same )

Port: 6667 ( You can put this 8867 if it doesn't work )

Perform Lover: ( Leave it blank for now, it's for advance use )

Username: ( Your email address )

Realname: Samay Thapa ( Real name )

Codepage: Windows / UTF ( No need to worry about this )

Server password: nepali99 ( Your nick password only if registered )


IN MtVIRC ( it's almost the same )

Nickserv password: nepali99 ( Your password Box )

Channels: #Nepal ( This is the chat room name )

Quit Message: i am away ( Your Logout message )

It's Almost done, then SAVE your Profile / Press ok or Done .

Go to Menu and press ok.

Then your Profile is Loaded called ChatSansar.

Again, Go to MENU and Press CONNECT.

Then things begin to load up........... And your are Connected!



To change nick: Type /nick newnick

To register nick: /ns register password email

To identify to nick: /identify password


   How to use Chat in Smartphones (Android, Windows or Apple / iOs)

There are lots of modern IRC apps for Android and iOS phones. Windows phone is now outdated. IRC Configuration is same as above but little easier.

You can also download our ChatSansar app on Google Play Store which is our official chat app.

ChatSansar app for ios or apple devices is coming soon. Visit our App page.

 For Android Phones (Google Play Store):

 Download AndroIRC and IRCCloud (free and recommended)

 For Iphone (Apple Store):

 Download Igloo, Circio and IRCCloud (free and recommended)

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