Dashain or Bijaya Dashami

Dashain is one of the most auspicious and biggest festival of Nepal. It is also known as Dasheera in India. People await this festival for its grand celebration. Dashain is one of the joyful and grandest festival celebrated by Nepalese. Some Nepalese also celebrate Dashain in abroad too. It's the best Nepali festival.

Dashain is celebarated by putting "Tika" on forehead and "Jamara" on top of ears or hair in Nepal

Happy Bijaya Dashami and Deepawali to all Chatsansarians!!!

Dashain on Calendar For the Year 2079 BS / 2022 AD

2 Oct | Sun | Fulpati

3 Oct | Mon | Maha Ashtami

4 Oct | Tue | Maha Navami

5 Oct | Wed | Vijaya Dashami

6 Oct | Thu | Ekadashi

7 Oct | Fri | Dwadashi