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1. When was this nepali chat room made?

A. This chat was made in near 2000 A.D and is one of the oldest surviving nepal chat rooms.

2. What is the base or programming used in this chat?

A. It's an IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ) based programme. It's an old generation or times simple text chat.

3. How can I register nick name in this nepali chat room

A. You can go to or type in the chat room with slash /ns register desiredPassword YourEmail [ You must be in the nick you want to register ]

4. Is this Nepali chat room safe to chat for all Nepalese?

A. Yes, this Nepal chat room is very safe as we don't indulge in sexual materials plus we ban the abusers.

5. How many Nepali chat users come here?

A. We have lots of Nepali users from all around the world which is 100+

6. What kind of services or features do you provide?

A. We have lots of services from IRC and mainly eggdrop plus we give you free bouncer like psyBNC or ZNC. Plus you can check weather, your chat status and dictionary, calculator, horoscope and lot more.

7. Is sex chat allowed in this Nepal chat room?

A. The answer would be No but it depends upon the chat participants and consent law. We don't track Private messages but we do ban the abusers when harassed. This is a free sex chat room meaning all genders allowed.

8. What about my privacy in chat rooms of Nepal?

A. We don't reveal anyone's personal or private information.

9. What are the additional features in this room?

A. We do have Nepali voice and video chat coming soon where you can use mic and webcam.

10. How can I get power or moderatorship or be a moderator or admin?

A. You will be moderator or an admin here based on your behaviour you show to us and chat room users.


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