ChatSansar IRC Moderator Guide

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ChatSansar IRC Moderator Guide

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Hello, this is guide page for ChatSansar IRC channel operators. If you are moderator in ChatSansar then this page is handy for you.

Basically, ChatSansar is built in IRC so everything starts with slash /

Our InspIRCD chat server is built with Anope so, the key elements of using services would be:

Chanserv (CS) = deals with channel chat room creation and modification. It is related to adding moderators.

Botserv (BS) = This is a bot services. If you create your channel, you can assign the bot from here.

Hostserv (HS) = This is your virtual host services. You can request a new virtual host to your nick.

Nickserv (NS) = deals with registration, modification of your nick name.

You can read more about it typing, /cs help or /bs help or /hs help or /ns help

So, even to change nick you will need to use command: /nick NewNick

For example: /nick hari (Changes your nick to hari)

You know you can register your nickname at

Okay, this is the basics, let’s jump down to Moderator (QOP, SOP, AOP, HOP) commands.

In Lobby #Nepal

!voice nick (Gives mode: +v to user, it is useful when the room is moderated or set on mode +m)

For example: !voice ram (voices nick ramesh in channel #Nepal if typed on lobby)

To remove voice, simply type in lobby: !devoice nick (devoices nick)

For example: !devoice ram (if typed on lobby/public chat of #Nepal, devoices user ram)

You can use same command by other ways like: /mode #nepal +v ram (same voice thing but done differently)

!kick nick ( Kicks nick )

For example: !kick ramesh (will kick out nick ramesh)

!kb nick (Kicks and bans nick)

For example: !kb ramesh ( will kick as well as ban nick ramesh )

There is a clever way to use this command if you want to hide your nick while kicking or displaying the kick;

/cs kick #nepal nick (secretly kicks nick)

For example: /cs kick #nepal ramesh (kicks out ramesh from #Nepal without displaying your name)

/cs ban #nepal nick (kicks and bans nick without displaying your nick)

So even to voice users without anyone knowing

/cs voice #nepal nick (voices nick)

For example: /cs voice #nepal ramesh (gives mode +v to ramesh)

Interesting, BotServ command!!

/bs say #nepal message (Bot says a message to Nepal, here the current bot in #nepal is Xeena)

For example: /bs say #nepal hello (Bot Xeena says hello)

Also NickServ

/ns set greet Message (Set your greet message if you are operator)

/ns set greet swagat cha (Bot Xeena will welcome you with message swagat cha).

How to see Ban list

/mode #nepal +b ( Needs you to be moderator)

/cs unban #nepal [nick] (Unbans nick if banned)

How to ban an abuser?

A more simple command would be !kb user (kicks and ban user from channel)

For example: !kb ramesh (kicks and bans ramesh)

Or, /cs ban #nepal ramesh

You can see hostmask of a user with command /whois nick (It’s different per person)

For example: /whois ramesh (It will show you up like Mibbit@ChatSansar342-843sd.2ds8.IP

A correct way to ban a user would be: /mode #Nepal +b *!*@ChatSansar342-843sd.2ds8.IP

How to unban a user?

It can be simple as !unban nick (unbans a nick if you banned a user with nick)

For example: !unban ramesh (Unbans ramesh from #Nepal chat room)

More specific and correct way would be checking the ban list /mode #nepal +b Then,

You could unban by typing /mode #nepal -b *!*@ChatSansar342-843sd.2ds8.IP

How to moderate / lock the room to only voiced users and operators.

/mode #channel +m (makes the chat room available only to voice users and operators [+,%,@,&,~,!]

For example: /mode #nepal +m (Lock chat room or make it moderated so other users can’t chat)

Note: Blog will be updating more in the command section for moderators. Please contact an admin in the chat room for more help or join #Mods.

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