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Dharan online chat room


Dharan is one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal. It is also the second-largest city in Nepal. Dharan has produced many footballers or is also known as the soccer-producing factory. Dharan has extensive parks and gardens. These include the popular Saptarangi Park, Sakela Park, Panchakanya Park, Yalamber Park, Hariyali Park, and others.

Dharan also has its beautiful culture which we can chat about. The cultural traditions of Dharan are The Dhan Naach (dance), Chasok Tangnam of Limbus, “Chyabrung Naach” (dance), “Sangdangrangma” (Dokeni which is Goddess of Wealth), “Chasowa-Yuchhyang” “Kirat” Rai Huilung chhauwaa, Kirat Rai festival with Sakela dance and Kirat Rai kulung chakchakur or toshkham, (Udhauli-Ubhauli), Baalan and Sangini of Brahmin and Chhetris, “Kei Lak” (Dhol Nach) of Yakkha, Rodighar of Gurungs, Sakela of Rai, Selo of Tamangs, Lakhe naach (dance) and Gai Jatra of Newars.

Come in the Dharan chat room and talk about Dharan. Meet local people of Dharan and make friends and dating. The age requirement is 18 or over. The people of Dharan are also called Dharane. Dharan-Chatara-Sindhuli-Hetauda road is almost in its completion stage.

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