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 Nepal Chat Help or Guideliness  Chat Rules
1. To Change Your NickName: /nick NewNick | Example: /nick reema

1. No offensive words. Respect each others at all times. Have a good time.

2. No spamming, swearing or flooding in the Nepali chat room. Don't advertise too.

3. All Nepal chat, Nepali sex chat tolerance.  Meaning; Please don't discriminate gender either male or female chat   users.

4. Rules can change anytime with the situation arising in the chat room.


2. To Register Your NickName: /ns register password Email  | Example: /ns register nepali34
3. To Identify to Your Nickname: /identify password | Example: /identify nepali34
4. To change Your Password: /ns set newpassword | Example: /ns set nepali78
 Note that you must in the the nickname (for example reema) if you want to register or identify or change password.
 You can contact an Administrator for Help. Just ask in the chat room and an administrator / operator / moderator
 will get in touch with you.


Note: Registration of Nick is Optional. Login with any nickname available.
To Register NickName, Click here!

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