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Nepal Chat - ChatSansar based on IRC - Internet Relay Chat. It is a classic online web chat room. Enter our voice and video chat room for free. You can talk about the Nepali movie Industry Kollywood and current affairs. Also discuss about Nepali food, dating, culture, education, technology, economy and so on. Feel free to ask questions in our Nepali Forum
Help / Guidelines Chat Rules
1. To Change Your NickName: /nick NewNick | Example: /nick reema 1. No abuse or offensive words. Else, you will be removed/banned from chat. Respect each others at all times and Have a good time.
2. To Register Your NickName: /ns register password Email | Example: /ns register nepali34 ram@gmail.com 2. No spamming, swearing or flooding in the Nepali chat room. Don't advertise too. You have to first contact us to advertise your stuffs.
3. To Identify to Your Nickname: /identify password | Example: /identify nepali34 (You must be in the nick you registered.) 3. Please don't discriminate genders either male or female or third gender chat users. This is a decent Nepali chat room.
4. To Change Your Password: /ns set password newpassword | Example: /ns set password nepali78 4. Don't ask to be moderator, operator or admin. You will be chosen or contact admin if you have something to offer.
5. Note that you must in the nickname (for example reema) if you want to register or identify or change password. 5. No illegal/bad conduct or practices.
6. Never share personal information in chat. Have fun chatting but be smart! 6. Nepali Chat room by ChatSansar.com. Rules can change at any time regarding chat room behavior or situation.