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Tikapur Chat room

Tikapur Chat Room welcomes you to ChatSansar. Tikapur is a Municipality. Tikapur is in Kailali District.Tikapur is in Sudurpashchim Pradesh of Nepal which was established in January 1997.Tikapur lies on the bank of the Karnali River. Tikapur is the third largest city of Sudurpaschim Pradesh after Bhimdutta (Mahendranagar) and Dhangadi You can find strangers of…
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Madhyapur Thimi Chat Room

Madhyapur Thimi Chat Room welcomes you to ChatSansar. Madhyapur Thimi is a Metropolitan City. Madhyapur Thimi is also known as Thimi. Madhyapur Thimi is in Bhaktapur District. Madhyapur Thimi is in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. Madhyapur Thimi is one of the historical and ancient cultural places of Nepal. Thimi lies between Lalitpur, Kathmandu,…
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Nepalgunj Chat Room

Nepalgunj Chat Room welcomes you to ChatSansar. Nepalgunj is a Sub Metropolitian City. Nepalgunj is also spelled as Nepalganj.Nepalgunj is in the Banke District of Nepal. Nepalgunj lies in the Terai region.Nepalgunj is also near the southern border of the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh of India. You can find Nepali strangers in this Nepalgunj…
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Indian Chaat

India’s popular street food is Indian chaat which is a spicy snack. The recipe for chaat is simple and can be also made at home. Chaat is made of salty, sweet, crunchy ingredients. There are different types of Chat like

Nepali chatpate

Nepali chatpate is the famous street food of Nepal. Chatpate is a spicy snack that you make and eat easily. Nepali chatpate recipes can be different from person to person. Chatpate generally contains; Beaten rice (Bhuja) Boiled Potato Dry edible Noodles Onion Lemon Chat Masala Tomato Green Chille / Peppers Spicy Mixture (Dalmot) Cilantro However…
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Nepali Clubhouse – Kurakani

Clubhouse is social audio app. Clubhouse is a new and popular type of social network based on voice. People around the world meet in the clubhouse. The clubhouse app is getting popularity in Nepal among youngsters. Thousands of people from Nepal join Clubhouse to enjoy the voice chat. You can follow people to find voice…
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Chatkaro Chat

Chatkaro Chat is a popular and famous chat site in India. Chat Karo is based on 123flashchat web chat software. 123flashchat supports flash chat and HTML chat. But, As the end of Adobe Flash player in 2021, 123 flash chat only supports HTML chat now. Chatkaro has chat rooms for Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kerala, Bangalore,…
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Mig33 Chat App

Mig33 Chat App, Migme Chat, or Mig chat blog post by ChatSansar. Mig33, Migme, Mig chat was developed as a social chat and gaming application for feature phones like Java phones. Migme Limited (formerly mig33) was a company registered in Australia listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: MIG) from 11 August 2014 to 22…
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Lucknow Chat Room

Lucknow Chat Room welcomes you to ChatSansar. Lucknow is the largest city in northern India. Lucknow is also the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is the administrative headquarters of the division and district. Lucknow chat is an online chat room in India. You can find or meet the people of Lucknow here…
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Mumbai Chat Room

Mumbai Chat Room welcomes you to ChatSansar. Mumbai is the city of dreams of India. Mumbai is also said the city where most of the Bollywood stars made it. Mumbai is the most populated city and comes second after New Delhi. Mumbai comes seventh as the most populous city in the world. Mumbai chat is…
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